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Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor - Weekly Electronic Bulletin
Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor - Weekly Electronic Bulletin

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Pastor Marissa's Ice Cream Social Send-off - Sunday May 5th

This week, Pastor Marissa informed our church leadership that her last Sunday with us will be May 5th. As you may recall, she first announced her intent to leave our staff back in January, though a specific departure date was not specified at that time. Pastor Marissa has served as a beacon of leadership, insight, and unwavering faith, guiding our congregation through seasons of growth and change with grace and love. As she prepares to embark on the next chapter that God has planned for her, we eagerly anticipate coming together to celebrate this significant transition.

Please join us after church on Sunday, May 5th for an Ice Cream Social in honor of Pastor Marissa. This event is not just a farewell; it's a celebration of the profound impact Pastor Marissa has had on our lives and our journey of faith. It will be an opportunity for fellowship, for celebrating Pastor Marissa’s journey with us, and for sending her off with our blessings and love.

Pastor Marissa’s presence has been a gift to us all, inspiring us to live our faith more fully and to serve with compassion and joy. As we prepare to say goodbye, let us carry forward the lessons and love she has imparted, honoring her legacy by continuing to live out our faith in vibrant and meaningful ways.

The Board is actively organizing and leading our efforts to manage Pastor Marissa's transition, including planning the Ice Cream Social and a congregational gift for Pastor Marissa. If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact the church board at a2vineyardboard@annarborvineyard.org. Your participation in the Ice Cream Social is greatly appreciated as we come together to make this send-off a testament to the joyful and loving spirit Pastor Marissa has nurtured in our community.

Youth Pizza & Game Night - Saturday, May 18th @ 6pm

Please join the Hasselbach family at their home on Saturday, May 18th, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM for a pizza and game night. Address is 4518 Cherry Blossom Dr, Ypsilanti, and there is no cost or sign-up necessary. Friends are welcome too!

Newcomer Donuts and Chai - Sunday, May 19th

Meet Pastor Donnell in the cafe after the service to learn more about our church, share some of your story, and ask any questions you have about our community. We’re looking forward to helping you get connected and feel at home here.

Sunday Night Worship - Sunday, May 19th @ 6:30pm

Worship is the expression of reverence, honor and respect to God. Join us for a time of extended community worship - focusing on the heart through intimate songs and restorative prayer. Sunday evening, May 19th, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at Pastor Shaun’s house (329 Oak Street, Ypsilanti).  All ages welcome!

Elementary Kids Meet Up - Sunday, May 26th

Families of kids aged 6-11 are invited to join for the Elementary Kids Meetup small group on Sunday, May 26. We’ll meet in the cafe after church for lunch, a fun group project, and a conversation about faith and life. Talk to Rafael and LaVon Mejia to learn more (203) 545-9981.

Homeless Ministry Donation Bins

In order to help prevent the recipience of unneeded items, our homeless ministry donation boxes will be covered during the week in between Sunday Celebrations. Please note that items such as clothing and books are not being collected, but can be donated elsewhere. (We have donated to the House By the Side of the Road before, located at 2051 S. State Street, Ann Arbor).

VineyardUSA Resource - We Are Vineyard Podcast

In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Jay talks with John Mark Comer about starting in ministry at a young age, the gifts he received from the staunch evangelical worldview in which he was raised, and the life circumstances that inspired him to learn a more biblical model of discipleship and spiritual formation. John Mark shares about the ancient practices that have helped him feel unstuck, the changes he noticed in his church during a season of extreme growth, and how their metrics of success had to change once they altered the social contract of their church. 

Take the City of Ann Arbor's Comprehensive Plan Survey

The City of Ann Arbor is currently updating its Comprehensive Plan, which will set the vision and priorities for our city’s development, including land use, policy changes, and public investments. Your voice is crucial in this process. This is your chance to help guide the direction of the City of Ann Arbor in ways to meet the needs of all who live, work, and travel through Ann Arbor. To participate, please take a moment to complete the survey and make your voice heard. Your input is invaluable as we work together towards a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable future for Ann Arbor.


If you think of Vineyard as your church home, giving regularly is a way to be a part of the work we’re doing in and outside of our church. We love that we get to play a part in the generosity God extends to others through our benevolence fund, Easter giveaway, Sunday celebrations, ministry of presence, and more. You made it happen through your prayers, service, and financial gifts!

Homeless Ministry Donations Needed!

Homeless Ministry could use specific donations of chocolate Ensure, canned soup (with a pop-top, NOT condensed), granola bars, tuna in packets (NOT canned), and bottled water. Questions? Ask Pastor Shaun at shaun.walker@annarborvineyard.com or text him at 734-945-7670

Sunday Morning Prayer

Join us at 10:15am in office A2 (office to the right in the gallery area) each Sunday to pray for our service and our church community.

Youth Group

6th-12th grade students are invited to gather in the youth room on the first and third Sundays of the month during the service from 11:00am-12:15pm. We start youth group with a game or an activity. There are donuts or some type of treat followed by a quick lesson and faith based discussion. We typically end by sharing prayer requests.

Intercessory Prayer

If you want to pray together for our church, community, and loved ones, join our intercessors group online. Contact intercessors@annarborvineyard.org for details.

Blue Prayer Cards

Fill out our online prayer card, and the pastoral staff will pray for you.

One-on-One Prayer

If you would like someone to pray for you personally, email prayerteam@annarborvineyard.org with your name and phone number. Someone on our prayer team will give you a call.

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